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Requisition Number:35413 
Company Name: Davey Tree Expert Company 
Employment Type: Regular 
Job Type: Full Time 




A.           DUTIES

  • Manage a specific number of Foremen, field personnel and equipment as designated by an Account Manager.
  • Maximize production and cost – control efficiency from the employee’s and equipment assigned.
  • Be responsible for meeting and exceeding the company’s safety standards on all crews in his/her jurisdiction.
  • Train and develop new employees into professional utility vegetation control personnel.
  • Maintain crew’s personnel quota. Insure that job applicants are available and on standby and ready to fill crew vacancies.
  • Dismiss, after following proper procedures, employees who consistently fail to report to work without notification or with out a substitute.
  • Maintain the following levels of employee’s profitability: 70% of all apprentice field people to be capable of promotion to Foremen and 30% of all Foremen capable of being promoted to supervision, production management, district management, division or corporate management.
  • Manage crews for the successful completion of all work assigned.
  • Provide quality customer service.
  • Promptly attend to customer needs and concerns.
  • Enforce the Company’s safety program and vigorously promote safety as an integral activity of the Davey organization.
  • Indoctrinate and train crew Foremen in order to assure effective implementation and maintenance of the program.
  • Anticipate and point out hazards that may arise from changes in operations methods or equipment and from improper methods and usage of equipment and incorporate such considerations in the training of Foreman.
  • Administer disciplinary action (i.e. warning letters, layoff, etc.) where there is failure to comply with the safety program.
  • Consider safety attitudes, records and equipment records when evaluating
  • Personnel for wage increases and promotions.
  • Attend and participate in at least one “tailgate” meeting with each crew each week and report on these inspections in the required manner to the Account Manager.
  • Inspect the equipment and equipment record reports of each crew each month and report on these inspections in the required manner to the Account Manager.
  • Investigate all accidents involving employees, company vehicles, members of the public and property damage. Such investigations should encompass causes and remedial action and be reported in the required manner to the Account Manager.
  • Investigate all major breakdowns involving company equipment; such investigations should encompass causes and remedial actions and be reported in the required manner to the Account Manager.
  • Ensure that all equipment and operations are properly licensed.
  • Monitor the results of the various Risk Safety & Cost Control Program activities and institute corrective actions or recognition when appropriate.
  • Initiate suggestions to field management, recommendations that will help improve or control the elements of the Risk Safety & Cost Control Program.
  • Develop loss proficient Foremen to attain higher levels of proficiency in all areas, including production.
  • Set appointments with the appropriate garage or facility to have equipment maintained as per the prevent and maintain equipment schedule.
  • Develop and monitor trainee’s progress through the development steps in the training program.
  • Complete crew evaluation reports every six months.




  • Understand and initiate the Company’s Accident Control Program
  • Understand and initiate the Company’s equipment and tool preventative maintenance cost and control program.
  • Understand the efficient and safe use of all equipment used in the pursuit of maximum production.
  • Understand all federal, state and local pesticide, herbicide and other operating regulations as they are made available.
  • Understand all Customer, and Company Vegetation Control practices.
  • Communicate his/her knowledge and expertise to all field personnel.
  • Understand and use the total corporate services available to enable him/her to function effectively and profitably.
  • Stay current on all state and federal employee training programs, as well as Davey Safety Programs.
  • Must be able to use, maintain and download, handheld computers, as well as instruct others on hand held computer functions.




  • High school education preferred.
  • Driver’s license required.
  • First Aid and CPR instructors certificate preferred.
  • Pesticide License required.
  • Minimum experience required of two (2) years as Foreman A.
  • Supervisor training recommended to include:
    • Affirmative Action Plan
    • Personnel Policies
    • Drug Testing Program
    • Accident reporting / Investigation
    • Hazardous waste reporting
    • Right to Know Program
    • DOT licensing restrictions
    • Lost Control Seminars or Supervisor Training Program
  • Completion of the Davey Tree Extension courses is recommended.




  • Exerting up to 100lbs. of force occasionally and up to 50lbs. of force frequently and up to 20lbs. of force constantly to move objects.
  • Stand, walk, push and pull at and around the work site at different angles of inclines and declines over varieties of terrain.
  • Occasionally bend knees and kneel to pick-up supplies and equipment for work site.
  • See and judge the distance of objects.
  • Reach (i.e. extending arms and hands) and handle (i.e. holding and grasping tools, etc.)
  • Over 75% of the work are outside in a variety of weather conditions.
  • Communicate by reading relevant manuals and materials, speaking clearly, distinctively, when giving instructions and listening to comments. Communication is required from moderate distances and while equipment is running.
  • Writing reports or memos to give district managers an understanding of direction.
  • The ability to obtain and select pertinent information through investigation, observation and questioning. This includes the ability to organize and combine different pieces of information into meaningful order to identify a problem.
  • The ability to perform basic arithmetic computations.



The Davey Tree Surgery Company is a subsidiary of The Davey Tree Expert Company and provides a full range of utility tree care services and is based in Livermore, Calif.  Davey Tree has U.S. and Canadian operations in more than 47 states and five provinces and provides a variety of tree care, grounds maintenance and consulting services for the residential, utility, commercial, and government markets. Founded in 1880, Davey has been employee-owned for 35 years and has more than 8,000 employees who provide Proven Solutions for a Growing World. For more information, visit

If you need any assistance at any time please contact us at 1-800-445-8733 ext. 1108 or at

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