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Broad Function

Work closely with Growing Manager to plan and implement all work activities relating to plant growth and care after plant material is received from the propagation department.  See that crops meet their target finish dates and ensure all plant material meets specifications prior to shipment.  Interact closely with Growing Manager and other supervisors concerning overall production operations.

Specific responsibilities:

  1. Monitor plant growth and quality on a daily basis within assigned area.
    1. Keep assigned area clean and weed free at all times.
    2. Maintain an accurate product inventory with proper quality codes.
    3. Monitor and adjust projected finish dates of each crop while continuously evaluating plant salability. 
  2. Develop and maintain a watering schedule.
    1. Monitor assigned houses daily.
    2. Assess watering requirements based on individual crop needs.
  3. Daily record keeping of crew activities while monitoring efficiency and work flow.
    1. Determine activity rates.
    2. Adjust work activities to ensure production goals are met.
    3. Complete incentive worksheets and inform crew members of incentive pay.
  4. Work with Growing Manager and other assistants to develop, maintain, and continuously evaluate a thorough IPM program.
    1. Monitor pest and disease activity and maintain records.
    2. Determine control methods and procedures.
    3. Follow through with pest control as needed.
    4. Train new applicators on safety and proper techniques.
  5. Assign placement of plant material to best utilize available space.
    1. Group plants together according to cultural needs.
    2. Change locations in the inventory database within timely manner.
    3. Determine target dates of plant material and group plants together as best needed for cultural needs.
  6. Monitor and adjust nutritional program based on soil test results and plant growth requirements.
    1. Set up schedule for in-house soil sampling and outside laboratory testing.
    2. Maintain records and make recommendations to improve plant growth.
    3. Determine fertilizer use based on plant requirements.
    4. Assess results of fertilizer applications based on plant growth and test results.
    5. Develop fertilizer experiments to further optimize plant growth.
  7. Develop and maintain schedule of herbicide applications where appropriate and follow up with hand weeding.
    1. Determine timing of herbicide applications.
    2. Assess results of herbicide application based on plant growth and weed activity.
    3. Trial new herbicides to expand rotational chemicals.
  8. Develop and maintain pruning procedure and schedule.
    1. Determine timing and method of pruning based on plant size, shape, and the need for cuttings.
    2. Assess the results of pruning activities and continuously improve.
  9. Monitor, maintain and repair equipment and facilities used in production.
    1. Daily inspection of greenhouse roofs, fans, louvers, shade curtains and heaters.
    2. Implement and perform preventative maintenance on heaters before winter use.
    3. Perform regularly scheduled inspections of irrigation systems to ensure functionality and uniformity of water delivery.
    4. Monitor fertilizer/chemical injection systems. 
  10. Perform special projects, as assigned
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